Feng Shui  風水 

A long story short, Feng Shui belongs to the Chinese Five Arts, which are Mountain (山 Shan), Medicine ( 医 Yi), Destiny (命 Ming), Divination (卜 Pu) and Forms ( 相 Xiang) and falls under the categoy of Forms.
There are various facinating and interesting stories about and within the history of Feng Shui and its Masters, which I do not want to roll out here. I am a Master Practitioner, my goal is to apply Feng Shui as best as possible to the advantage of my clients. 
With the knowledge of Feng Shui I try to assess the quality of the Chi within a specific surrounding. The result helps me to understand the strength and weakness of the site and I can then focus on the needs and wishes of the client.
I use key Feng Shui techniques of Classical Feng Shui to enhance the good Chi
( 生 氣 Sheng Chi) of the site as well as calm down the bad Chi ( 殺氣 Sha Chi or 氣 Si Chi) in order to get the utmost benefit for my client.
This reconfirms that we are a product of our surrounding which most of us are not aware of. As well we do not know or we do not have a tool to qualify the site in a way that we can benefit of it. Only a professional Feng Shui consultant can do that!

As we know there is yin within yang and yang within yin, there is not only good, that is why we should always care about the challenges and hurdles we have to overcome every day. This means we have to asess the risks we are facing in order to adjust our actions and plans to our full potentials. That is when you should ask the Feng Shui consultant to help you! That is the only way to change and get back to the flow!

Please note that the first consultation does not last forever as time is changing and every site has its own timing. Although the Feng Shui Master will tell you when you and your housemates have good or bad periods in your home or office, you should get your update on the site at least once a year! Please consider that when you talk with your Feng Shui Master and schedule with him to come back at least once a year!

It is like sailing a boat, as the wind changes we have to adjust the sails. If we do not do that, there might be some difficult situations which could have been avoided easily!