Vita 履歷

When Johannes joined the Earth Luck International team as a consultant in 2005, it was with more than 20 years of executive management experience in the planning and organization of business premises. He is currently president of ILCAS (International Logistics and Corporate Asset Services) Consulting and its division jmfengshui (, Germany. Johannes has worked on a variety of large-scale Feng Shui projects for corporations in Europe, Asia, South America and the U.S. Whether he is helping a company relocate its corporate headquarters, developing concepts for a new commercial building or assisting in the plans for a facility build-out or renovation, Johannes’ focus is on his clients’ efficiency, productivity, growth and profit. He is known for his ability to successfully unify corporate needs and user requirements.

Johannes’ professional background, along with a university education in earth sciences, led him to attend a seminar in 2002 on Feng Shui for office buildings. The ideas and information presented there so resonated for him, that he knew Feng Shui would become an integral part of his consulting business. He began formal studies with the now-defunct Yap Cheng Hai Center, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and received a diploma in Feng Shui Mastery in 2004. That same year, Johannes heard about graduate-level practitioners’ courses being offered by Master Angel de Para of Earth Luck International, Miami. He secured the last available opening for a Practitioners’ Level I class, and it was there that he gained the deepest insight into the true nature and power of classical Feng Shui. Since then he has been named a top, private student of Master Angel de Para, who became his mentor, friend and colleague.

Master de Para frequently calls on Johannes for assistance with data collection and analysis, probability theory testing and formula research. Johannes’ invaluable efforts in structuring Master de Para’s 2006-2012 Tong Shu are acknowledged in the introduction of that publication.

In November 2011 Grandmaster Angel de Para announced Johannes Maierhofer as a Feng Shui Master.